Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shannon Mulholland - The Plaza Hotel Beaton

Shannon Mulholland
New York, NY
Producer New York City

"Shannon Mulholland"
The Plaza Hotel Suite
Designed by Cecil Beaton
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"Shannon Mulholland New York"

Shannon Mulholland New York
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Live in Hotel Designs:
Historic Living in West Milford, NJ 07435

About Shannon Mulholland
"Shannon Mulholland" is an American Producer of several documentaries including "Cooper & Hemingway: The True Gen," narrated by "Sam Waterston"; "Inside High Noon - Directors Cut," narrated by "Frank Langella"; "Liza Minnelli on Meet Me in St Louis"; "Sergeant York: Of God and Country," narrated by "Liam Neeson'; as well as live and theatrical productions off Broadway, at Alice Tully Hall & Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, NYC, Town Hall, NYC including "Hemingway's It Just Catches" written by Carol Hemingway with music by "Cole Porter" at the historical Cherry Lane Theater, NYC.

"Shannon Mulholland Point Lookout "
Shannon Mulholland New York City